Academic Team

José Zalaquett

Head of the Project. Lawyer, Universidad de Chile. Doctor Honoris Causa, by the Universities of Notre Dame and City University of New York. Professor, International Human Rights and International Law and the Use of Force, Universidad de Chile Law School. Former professor, Ethics and Government, Master's Program on Public Policy, Universidad de Chile. Visiting Professor, Harvard University, Toronto University, New York University, Maryland University, Notre Dame University and Interamerican Institute for Human Rights. Co-founder and former co-director, Human Rights Center, Universidad de Chile Law School (2002-2011). Commissioner, International Commission of Jurist.

Director, Legal Department of the Peace Cooperation Committee for Chile (1973-1976). Former President, Amnesty International Executive Committee (1979-1982). Commissioner, Chilean Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1990-1991). Former Commissioner and President, Interamerican Commission on Human Rights (2003-2004)

    Juan Francisco Lobo

    Lawyer, Universidad de Chile. Invited Professor, International Criminal Jurisdiction, Universidad de Chile. Professor, Legal Theory, Universidad Diego Portales. Professor, International Criminal Law, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Former academyc assistant, International Human Rights and International Law and the Use of Force, Universidad de Chile Law School

      Audiovisual Area

      Felipe González V

      Media Director, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Former audiovisual producer in the Archbishopric of Santiago and at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has also collaborated with various producers and has developed corporate material

        IT Area

        Jorge Romo

        Computer Engineer, Universidad de Chile. Developer of, a website which aims transparent parliamentary activity and disseminate information about congressional activity. He also works in building computer courses for children in the Computer Science Department of University of Chile


          Juan Enrique Vargas

          Dean of UDP Law School

            Rossana Castiglioni

            Director of UDP Doctorate in Political Science

              Pilar Muñoz

              Director of UDP Education School

                Judith Schönsteiner

                Director of UDP Human Rights Center

                  José Zalaquett

                  Head of the Project


                    Philip Alston

                    Professor, NYU. Former President of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

                      Lynn Welchman

                      Professor, School of Law, SOAS, University of London

                        Mahmoud Ben Romdhane

                        Economist, University of Tunis. Former President of Amnesty International

                          Felipe González

                          Commissioner and former President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

                            Thomas Hammarberg

                            Former Secretary General of Amnesty International. Former Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe

                              Sarah Joseph

                              Director, Castan Centre of Human Rights, Monash University, Australia

                                Viviana Krsticevic

                                CEJIL Executive Director

                                  Patricia Politzer

                                  Investigative journalist, Chile

                                    Clara Sandoval

                                    Coordinator Essex Transitional Justice Network

                                      Yasmin Sooka

                                      Director of the Foundation for Human Rights (South Africa). Member, Commission on Truth and Reconciliation, Sierra Leone

                                        Ruti Teitel

                                        Professor, New York School of Law

                                          VISITING PROFESSORS

                                          Pablo Collada

                                          Executive Director of Ciudadano Inteligente

                                            Raúl Ferrada

                                            General Director of the Consejo para la Transparencia de Chile

                                              Roberto Saba

                                              Dean of the School of Law, Universidad de Palermo

                                                Rodrigo Mora

                                                Director of the Presidential Commission for the Defense of Citizenry and Transparency, Chile

                                                  Verónica Undurraga

                                                  Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

                                                    Luis Larraín

                                                    President of Fundación Iguales

                                                      Alberto Precht

                                                      Executive Director of Chile Transparente

                                                        Edurne Cárdenas

                                                        International Work Team at CELS- Center for Legal and Social Studies

                                                          Alejandro Ferreiro

                                                          Former-Superintendent of Health and Securities, Former-Minister of Economy

                                                            Marcela Mandiola

                                                            Universidad Alberto Hurtado

                                                              Isabel Amor

                                                              Director for Activism at Fundación Iguales

                                                                Jessica Morris

                                                                Executive Director of Conectas Human Rights

                                                                  Fabiano Angélico

                                                                  Consultant on Transparency and Anti-Corruption, Brazil

                                                                    Koldo Echebarría

                                                                    Interamerican Bank of Development

                                                                      Michael Shifter

                                                                      President of Inter-American Dialogue

                                                                        Philip Alston

                                                                        New York University

                                                                          Miguel Pulido

                                                                          Former-Executive Director of Fundar

                                                                            Miguel Schloss

                                                                            First Executive Director of Transparency International

                                                                              Lidia Casas

                                                                              Universidad Diego Portales

                                                                                Nicolás Espejo

                                                                                University of Oxford / Universidad Central de Chile

                                                                                  Dominique Hervé

                                                                                  Universidad Diego Portales

                                                                                    Aliana González

                                                                                    Journalist, Venezuela

                                                                                      Eduardo Engel

                                                                                      President of Espacio Público and Professor of Economy, Universidad de Chile

                                                                                        José Ugaz

                                                                                        President of Transparency International

                                                                                          Sarah Joseph

                                                                                          Monash University

                                                                                            Helena Olea

                                                                                            Universidad Diego Portales

                                                                                              Judith Schönsteiner

                                                                                              Universidad Diego Portales

                                                                                                Tomás Vial

                                                                                                Universidad Diego Portales

                                                                                                  Patricia Politzer

                                                                                                  Investigative journalist, Chile