International Women’s Day

On March 8 the International Women’s Day was commemorated. The deep skepticism of many vis-avis this kind of commemorations is understandable. In recent times they have multiplied, spurred by United Nations or by shopping malls. However, both International Women’s Day and Human Rights Day (celebrated every December 10) are not the object of such scorn. […]

A Sharp Contrast: The Islamic State and the Republic of Ireland

Recent cable news highlight, once more, the existing sharp contrast between Western human and the frustrations of the Arab world whose most extreme manifestation is the terrorism practiced by the so-called Islamic State as a means for its expansionist politics. The news are that the Islamic State has achieved control of a good part of […]

Introduction to Human Rights: Fifth Week

Welcome to the fifth week of Introduction to Human Rights. This week is dedicated to Rights of Women, Rights of the Child, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Migration and Human Rights. You may take the course in Udemy following this link: we’ve uploaded 23 lessons (of 33) of the course. Remember that all lessons will be online permanently, […]