New Free Online Course: Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity


We have launched our new free online course Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity. You may start the course here:



We have published the first 5 of 30 lessons, which are:

Gender Equality, Sexual Diversity and Arbitrary Discrimination
Basic Concepts and Definitions
Sexual Practices and Orientations
History of the Fight against Gender Discrimination
History of the Movement of Sexual Minorities

We will be uploading 3 to 4 lessons each week until completing a total of 30. The course has no time limit to take it or complete it, also, there’s no student limit.

You may also follow the course in our Youtube channel, but if you want to have a virtual certificate, you must follow the course in Udemy.

See You!

6 thoughts on “New Free Online Course: Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity

  1. Buenas tardes;

    Me interesa tomar y acreditarme en el curso “Igualdad de género y diversidad sexual”.

    Agradecería confirmar inscripción.

    Saludos cordiales,

    Ximena Arriagada

  2. aprender sobre la diversidad de genero

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