Introduction to Human Rights: Second Week

Welcome to the second week of Introduction to Human Rights. This week is dedicated to Civil and Political Rights, Freedom of Expression and Equality and Non-Discrimination. You may take the course in Udemy following this link: we’ve uploaded the lessons 6 to 10 of the course. Remember that all lessons will be online permanently, so you may watch them whenever you want. Also, you may watch them on our Youtube channel (If you want a virtual certificate, you should follow the complete course in Udemy):

Lesson 6 – Civil and Political Rights I:
Lesson 7 – Civil and Political Rights II:
Lesson 8 – Civil and Political Rights III:
Lesson 9 – Freedom of Expression:
Lesson 10 – Equality and Non-Discrimination:

You may find the transcript of each lesson, as well as a glossary and additional material in our Google Drive folder

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Human Rights: Second Week

  1. Very much interested in the course after watching the introduction. However, I am not able to access the second lesson.

  2. Me inscribí en el curso y he visto los vídeos pero no me queda claro si hay que pasar alguna prueba o test, por favor sáquenme de la duda.

  3. Estimado Alejandro: si tomas el curso en Udemy ( al final de cada clase hay un quiz a resolver. Si deseas un certificado virtual al final del curso debes seguir el curso en Udemy, de todas formas también está disponible completo (aunque sin las pruebas) en Youtube pero allí no obtendrás certificado.

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