Frequently Asked Questions

These are general questions about the project and the courses, for technical questions see this page.

What’s a MOOC?

“MOOC” means Massive Online Open Course. Read our What’s a MOOC? section for more details.

What’s Udemy? is a website that hosts free online courses. Udemy provides us a great platform to promote the massive learning of human rights. Our courses are available there for free.

How can I take the courses

You may find the direct link to register in any of our courses here

Are the courses entirely for free? Are there special requirements to take the courses?

Yes, they are. All the videos and additional material will be available for free permanently. You only need an internet connection. You don’t need any background or experience in the area to take any of our courses.

Are you related to an University or NGO?

Yes, we are housed by Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile, and funding is provided by the Ford Foundation and The Embassy of Canada in Chile.

If I have questions during the course, where should I ask?

Our courses are hosted at, where you will find a forum section for the course. If you prefer, you may write us to [email protected]

What if I don’t finish the course? Or if I’m only interested in some particular topic?

If you want to view a particular class and don’t want to take the complete course, it’s totally ok. The complete course will be available for free to everyone, even if you don’t watch all the classes. Anyway, we encourage you to take the full course. You will learn a lot!.

Will I get a certificate? Can I include this course in my résumé?

Yes, Udemy will provide you with a virtual certificate to verify that you took the course. If you also want a paid certification from Universidad Diego Portales, write us: [email protected] and we will explain you the process. Remember that this course does not constitute an academic degree.

I want to learn more about Human Rights!

We have more courses in our courses section. If you want more info about Human Rights, read our links section and find what other organizations are doing.