About certification

Dear students, Our MOOC Chile project is in the process of being closed. We will not issue more paid virtual certificates since today. The courses will remain available for free online forever. We thank you for following our courses, all your support to this project, and please continue spreading the word about them. Thanks for […]

Important: We will be in recess during February

Dear students: During the month of February we will be in a holiday recess, and will come back to our activities in March. This means that during February we’ll not answer questions in the courses’ forums nor send UDP certificates. However, our courses will remain available to register and follow the lessons, as usual. Also, the […]

The dawn of a new fascism?

At a time when many would’ve said that the dark times of Fascism and Racism where long gone, and it was inconceivable that they might ever return, there are ominous signs that a very dark dawn may be in the offing. The signs are many: in Europe there is everywhere the rise of an anti-immigrant […]