Technology and Human Rights

A few decades ago, in the height of the Cold War, there were two popular explanations about what propels history: the confrontation of ideas versus the control of the means of economic production and the social classes and class struggle it generats. And the time to highlight the crucial importance of technology would have sounded […]

New Anti-Terrorist Law in Chile

The bomb attack perpetrated recently on Monday, September 8, in Santiago of Chile has produced such a social commotion that different political coalitions and the government agree in the need to amend the so called “Anti-Terrorist Law” (N° 18.314), to bestow more power to organs capable of preventing and of repressing such conducts. As a […]

The Right to Education

Since 2011, there have been protests in different cities of the world, demanding greater economic and social equality. There is, at the same time, wide agreement in the Chilean and international public opinion, to deem education as one of the most powerful tools to overcome social inequality. In fact, regarding the notion of “equality of […]

The Rise of Religious Fundamentalism

The international news tell us about a Sudanese Christian woman who was convicted to death for apostasy (now she’s free). They also inform us about alarming military gains made by the political- religious group called “Islamic State of Syria and Iraq”. Religious fundamentalism seems to be on the rise. Throughout history, religion has been one […]

Abortion in Chile: When does human life begin?

Chile is one of the few countries in the world where abortion is criminalized under all circumstances. The “pro-life” activists argue against decriminalization of abortion in Chile on the following grounds: Major premise = Human life is sacred and therefore inviolable. Minor premise = Human life begins with fertilization. Conclusion = The fertilized egg is […]

The Other Revolving Door

A common nut of a certain size could be bought for less than a dollar in a United States hardware store. Renamed as a spare part for a jet fighter, arms manufacturers billed it to the Pentagon for a hundred times its value. About 30 years ago some American congressmen uncovered this scandal as a […]