Gender equality and sexual diversity

Race, gender and religion have been historically the main grounds for arbitrary discrimination. By ‘arbitrary discrimination’ we mean a different treatment based on characteristics that persons cannot change or that is not legitimate to demand that they change them. Nowadays, racial discrimination is generally condemned, although there are still important remnants. Similarly, with significant exceptions, […]

Human Rights: 2015 assessment

A proper global assessment of human rights for the present year would largely surpass the extension of a brief column. Let us limit ourselves, then, to pointing out the most outstanding trends. These are the following ones: 1. Regarding global security, the main event is, of course, the sheer power acquired by the Islamic State, […]

The abusive use of confidential information

In a well ordered market, every economic agent should gain knowledge at the same time of relevant information for making their decisions. Now, different public authorities, as well as high level executives of some private corporations who represent or safeguard the interests of consumers or stockholders usually possess, due to their position, information about future […]

Russia, the bicephalous eagle

On September 30 Russia intervened militarily in the internal armed conflict that has engulfed Syria since 2011. The Russian government claims that it only targeted ISIS and other personnel “looking and acting like terrorists”. NATO, on the contrary, accuses Russia of rendering military assistance to its ally, the dictator Bashar Al-Assad, in the fight against […]

Human Rights In Chile: Issues still pending

For the last 25 Chile has been ruled by freely elected civilian government, following 17 years of military dictatorship. With respect to the human rights violations committed by the dictatorship measures of truth-telling, memory preservation, acknowledgment, reparations, and criminal justice have been implemented. Progress has been gradual and without drawbacks. Yet, there have been periods […]

White Collar Crime

Since the beginning of the 90s the topic of anticorruption has gained prominence in the agenda of public ethics in different countries. In this year 2015 there have been a number of corruption scandals involving governmental officers and/or businessmen in several parts of the world, including Brazil, the Latin American giant, and Chile, a country […]

Social protest and the use of force

The unrest expressed through social protest in Chile has been on the rise during the year 2015, following up on the domestic and international trend started in 2011. In particular, I would like to refer to the acceptability of the recourse to force by actors of the student’s movement for a better education, a recourse […]

A Sharp Contrast: The Islamic State and the Republic of Ireland

Recent cable news highlight, once more, the existing sharp contrast between Western human and the frustrations of the Arab world whose most extreme manifestation is the terrorism practiced by the so-called Islamic State as a means for its expansionist politics. The news are that the Islamic State has achieved control of a good part of […]